• How long do jobs usually take?

    Jobs typically take between 2-7 business days. Pre-fabricated countertop installations take between 2-3 days and custom-cut countertops take between 3-7 days. Fireplaces take between 2-3 days. Typical tile floors take between 2-5 days, tub showers between 2-3 days & shower surrounds between 4-5 days.

  • How much experience do you have?

    We have a combined experience of over 35 years and we've done jobs from Napa to San Jose. We have three tile installation crews that are happy to complete your project to your satisfaction.

  • How can you guarantee my satisfaction?

    All of our projects are managed by the owner of the company. Customers get personalized help with product selection, a detailed walk through and we are flexible with scheduling. In order to guarantee satisfaction, we make sure to be easily accessible for any questions and involve the customer in all project details.

  • How do you determine prices?

    The price of the job is determined by the type of materials used, the time requirement for the job, and finally the scope of the work.

  • How can I best take care of my material after the job?

    One of the key things to remember is that natural stone products are porous and need to be sealed accordingly in order to keep them looking their best. Clear liquid soap & water is recommended to clean any natural stone or hard surface. Using a stone cleaner with polish helps keep a high sheen on polished surfaces.

  • How should I select my materials?

    During the design consultation, we can help you select a material that works well for your project needs and budget. There are pros and cons associated with each material. Materials vary in durability, how easily they stain, how much maintenance they require, how much they cost, and how much variation you can expect. For example in natural stone projects, variations in veins, shades, grain & texture are common and give your final product a uniqueness that is beautiful when it can be appreciated appropriately. If you want to get a head start on planning before our design consultation, check out the links below to get some ideas:

  • What is the difference between pre-fabricated countertops vs custom slab fabrication?

    Countertop stone materials can be purchased pre-fabricated or as a slab. Please review the differences between the two below. During your design consultation, we can help you select a material that will best fit your project needs and budget.


    Pre-fabricated materials come pre-cut and ready to install. They are only available in certain sizes and come with a Bullnose (180 degree round) or Square edge. These offer the best value but have a limited selection of colors available. Pre-fabricated material can typically be installed in 2-3 days.


    With custom fabrication we start with a slab of stone (for example 120" x 60") and cut the materials to specific dimensions. Customers can choose the edge profile that they like for their project, as well as pick any material/color. By utilizing our fabrication facility, we are able to offer our customers the most flexibility with their project. It typically takes 3-7 days to cut and install the materials.

  • Do you have specials?

    Our current specials are:

    • Receive a free under mount stainless steel sink with a purchase of a custom granite top ($500.00 value). Minimum purchase of $2,500.00.
    • Receive 5% off the labor for any tile project including back splash, shower surrounds, floors, etc.